Nature, history and culture
Nature, history and culture
Sierra Morena and Natural Park of Despeñaperros

- Flora and fauna sightseeing (wild Iberian lynx, deer rutting season, Iberian imperial eagle…)
- Hiking routes.
- Cyclo-tourism.
- Canoe routes.


- Guided visit of the olive press and olive tasting in OroBailén.

Museums and Interpretation centres: La Carolina:
- La Carolina museum.
Santa Elena:
- Interpretation of the Historical Patrimony and Cultural of the Natural Park of Despeñaperros.
- Museum of the Battle of the Navas de Tolosa.
- Interpretation Centre of the Battle of Bailén.
- Interpretation Centre of the Mining Landscape.

Guided visits

- New Populations: La Carolina, Carboneros, Guarromán, Santa Elena
- Baños de La Encina.
- Linares: Archaeological city of Cástulo.
- Úbeda and Baeza.

Astronomical tourism

- A big part of the territory is recognized as “Starlight Reserve”.


- This area has famous public and private hunting reserves and big cattle meadows dedicated to the breed of the toro de lidia.


- From our partridge pâté, cuisine based upon extra virgin olive oil, hunting cuisine, traditional bakery.